With more than 127 years combined experience, the Executive Team has curated the business meticulously over five decades.  They have understood and acted upon the nuances of the property market cycle and taken this Australian-owned private enterprise from a small property development company to the industry leader that Dyldam is today.



Joe Khattar is co-founder of Dyldam, establishing the business in 1969 with his father Naim Khattar.

Under his stewardship, Dyldam has grown to be one of the largest private development and construction enterprises in Australia. Joe takes a keen interest in every facet of the business to ensure it meets its potential; cultivating long term and rewarding business relationships.

Joe Khattar currently presides on numerous civic and business organisations including President of the Australian Lebanese Chamber of Commerce, President of The George Naim Khattar Foundation and as an active board member of the Westmead Medical Research Foundation.


Group Chairman

With over thirty years experience with Dyldam, Sam is responsible for the dynamic daily aspects of the business. This ranges from development, construction, acquisitions and supplier negotiation to government liaison and investor relations.

Sam absorbs and adapts global innovation and applies it to Dyldam and its Australian Market.

He is adept at anticipating and utilising property cycles and often employs long-range foresight to acquisition policy. His business acumen ensures that Dyldam seeks and creates growth opportunities.



Ray Khattar is a key stakeholder in the corporate structure of Dyldam.

He exemplifies the concept that Dyldam “backs itself” by investing back into the business – a tenet that engenders investor confidence and ensures a keen level of engagement and ownership in the project lifecycle.

A committed philanthropist, Ray is an active and long term member of the Board of the George Naim Khattar Foundation.


Chief Executive Officer

With more than thirteen years enmeshed in the Dyldam culture, Fayad has been responsible for introducing unique project management processes to enhance risk minimisation whilst improving business efficiencies.

Fayad leads the in-house team of experienced architects, drafts people, interior designers, town planners and construction professionals to ensure Dyldam projects are completed on time and set a benchmark for quality construction and design.


Chief Operating Officer

As Development Director, Remon Fayad has created one of Australia’s leading acquisitions teams.

Remon directs research programmes to determine regions with growth potential.  He then initiates Due Diligence on particular sites and commences dialogue with local council to determine their long term vision for the area.

Remon is responsible for the preparation of Development Application and planning works; working closely with local council throughout the DA process. His intensely forensic approach continues to deliver strategic acquisitions that meet Dyldam’s acquisitions rationale and offer maximum ROI.


Chief Financial Officer

Raymond joined Dyldam in 2013, bringing with him a wealth of legal, financial and taxation expertise following his role as Senior Manager with accounting practice KPMG.

His experience with key clients including IBM, Microsoft, Telstra and Garmin provides in depth knowledge of coordinated engagements, involving multiple disciplines and jurisdictions. Raymond holds both a Bachelor of Commerce – Accounting and Bachelor of Law from Macquarie University. Dyldam benefits from his analytical, client-focused approach to business.

“Dyldam is changing the way Australians live, work and play. Our initiatives yield positive commercial and community outcomes”

Mr Joseph Khattar AM, Founder