Mr Fayad Fayad, Chief Executive Officer of Dyldam, would like to update you with respect to the on-site incident that occurred on 7th April 2020  at the Modena project construction site; located at 2 Seven Hills Road, Baulkham Hills NSW (“construction site”).

In undertaking this Media Release, Mr Fayad wants to clearly convey to Dyldam’s valued partners, investors, customers and to the general public that he, his Board and Dyldam’s staff are committed to transparency and co-operation with regards to the incident.  Mr Fayad clearly communicates that any challenge that emanates from the incident will be met and overcome, as Dyldam will not tolerate, nor lightly be held to ransom by, tactics bordering on industrial sabotage.

The New South Wales Police were called immediately to the construction site after the discovery of a foreign object that was classified by the media as a device in the Crane Cabin. The Police are conducting a criminal investigation to determine the identity of the individual(s) involved and, needless to say, Dyldam is co-operating with every initiative undertaken by the Police.

The incident is clearly an attempt to undermine Dyldam’s five decade-long reputation as one of Australia’s most respected property enterprises.  Dyldam remains convinced that the incident is not related to any other associated entity that it has business associations with.  More particularly, there has been no letter of demand or threat carried out in writing or by electronic communication.  In fact, there has been complete silence surrounding the incident, apart from the detection of the device.

Dyldam completely rejects and is repelled by any form of industrial sabotage undertaken, particularly those actions bordering on the commission of violence. To that end, Dyldam will co-operate with the authorities and seeks both detection and swift action to bring all offenders to justice.

Dyldam remains committed to ensure on-site security measures and processes are in place to keep the site free of any opportunity for tampering or disruption.

Dyldam is not only sincere in its resolve but is swiftly prepared to both respond to and seek the lawful redress and more importantly the detection, as indicated, of any perpetrator of this cowardly and callous act of industrial sabotage as undertaken.  Whatever may be the rumour as to disgruntled subcontractors or the like; these matters are both unfounded and rejected out of hand.

This incident is both isolated, in terms of its occurrence, and was swiftly and effectively detected and equally, in terms of any conduct in the completion of the construction of the development, will be clearly and closely monitored to enable the development to be completed on time and without any further interruption.

Finally, it remains to be said that Dyldam has, and places every confidence in the New South Wales Police Force and the administration of justice in New South Wales and in turn will co-operate and assist in all enquiries to be undertaken.  In that regard, Fayad Fayad remains not only committed to the completion of the project and to assuring all of Dyldam investors and customers that the development will continue but equally respects and wants each and every individual to understand that Dyldam both respects and honours all of its commercial commitments, whatever they may be and however they are to be undertaken.

Dated  ……29/April/2020……………………….


Fayad Fayad

Chief Executive Officer