Parq – Parramatta

A collaboration between three leading architects – Tony Caro Architecture, Aleksander Design Group and Order Architects – has won the Design Excellence Competition for a key Parramatta site at 5-7 Parkes Street. Dyldam undertook the Design Excellence Competition following a 2 year investment in the planning process to maximise the site’s design and social outcomes.

Previously the home of the Lone Star Tavern, the 2016m2 site’s design challenges include a narrow corner location and traffic/accessibility issues as the site fronts Parkes and Anderson Streets.

TCA/Aleksander/Order’s proposal embraced the site location next to Jubilee Park – the largest open space south of Parramatta Railway. A raised terrace and activated park edge will create a dynamic sense of connectivity between the mixed use building, Jubilee Park and the public domain as a popular pedestrian thoroughfare between Harris Park and Parramatta.

Dyldam will further enhance location ambience through land dedication to Parramatta City Council and a commitment to further upgrade Jubilee Park.

Image: Preliminary artist impression